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The Red Collection

Rooibos (pronounced Roy-boss) is a caffeine-free herbal infusion rich in antioxidants, with an inherently sweet and earthy taste.

The tea comes from the Rooibos plant that grows only in the mountainous Cederberg region of the Western Cape of South Africa, and nowhere else in world.

When cut and fermented, the green leaves of the Rooibos plant turn a rich orangey-red colour. It is this distinctive colour which led to the Afrikaans name 'Rooibos', meaning 'red bush'.


Since 2005, red espresso® has pioneered a tastier, healthier way of experiencing South Africa’s best-loved beverage. By grinding the plant to a powdery consistency and extracting it under pressure, red espresso® has created an uber-healthy herbal tea that acts and drinks like coffee.

For those moments when you can't have another coffee, but still want a delicious café experience, you can enjoy our red collection in any number of ways, similar to your espresso-based drinks  


Red Espresso®

Red Americano®    

Red Macchiato®

Red Cortado®

Red Cappuccino®     

Red Latte®  


Want it the traditional way? Drizzle it with honey instead of adding sugar or sweetener.

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