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round bird.



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In December 2017 we left our home in Johannesburg, South Africa and relocated to Jacksonville Beach. 

Ross bought a local sunglasses business, Rainbow Shades, based right here in Jax Beach as well as in Jacksonville and St Augustine; whilst Jacqui took over ownership of a frozen yogurt store.  

It did not take long before we decided that what we really wanted was to own and operate our very own coffee shop and wine bar.  
We imagined the kind of spot that we would want to come to, somewhere where you can catch up on admin and work emails, or a place to meet up with friends after a workout for a drink and a bite to eat, or just a place to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.  And that’s when the dream of Round Bird began.  


As small business owners we also realise how tough it is out there, so something we are passionate about is supporting other small business owners through a partnership that is mutually beneficial.  
We are excited to offer you a range of quality products from our partners. In supporting us, you help support them. 


Of course, Round Bird is also about sharing a little bit of home with you.  A touch of South Africa, right here in Jacksonville.  
We hope you enjoy our small slice of Mzansi. 


 'Mzansi': an informal name for South Africa 

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round bird.

The Helmeted Guinea Fowl is a raucous, plump, ground-dwelling bird that often forms moderate-sized flocks, and are a familiar sight in suburban parks and gardens throughout Southern Africa.


Affectionately referred to as Round Birds by the South African owners, these gregarious and quirky birds are easily recognised by their relatively large size, and round, dark grey bodies with white speckles. They have featherless, helmet-like, small heads, which are blue and red in color, short, rounded wings and short tail feathers.

A gregarious species, the Helmeted Guinea fowl are chatterboxes-they talk all of the time.
Guineafowl make a variety of loud ratcheting calls, as well as a repeated “wick, wick-wick” that rises to an impressive crescendo, especially at dawn and dusk.


The guineafowl forages twice each day, once at dawn and once in the afternoon. Departing from home base, the flock proceeds single file toward a watering hole for a communal drink. After a drink, the guineafowl sweep the savannah. Walking shoulder to shoulder; they patrol the tall grasses and peck at the ground, randomly picking up food.
They prefer to walk rather than fly and can walk 6 miles or more day in search of food


local businesses

One of our goals, right from the beginning, was to collaborate with and support other local and small business.

Because we know how tough it is out there and also because we know there is quality in dealing with small business, a general level of attention to detail, care and pride in the product, and a generosity in offering assistance and advice that is largely lacking from corporate.

You will find that virtually everything in our store, where possible, is sourced from local or small business.
We have our regular partners and suppliers, and then we have pop-up collaborations with local vendors.

By supporting us, you are helping support others.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for future pop-ups.

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